All you ever wanted to know about Snow Blowers

Do you happen to live in an area which gets covered in snow each and every year? Do you happen to do a time consuming, back breaking, tiring and super boring job of shoveling the snow every now and then from your walkways and driveways? If so, you may be looking for nothing but a snow blower.

What actually is a snow blower?

A snow blower, or a snow thrower, as it is properly called, is a sophisticated machine for removing or throwing aside snow from important areas, such as a walkway, driveway, roadway, etc. Now, though a lot of people think that both the snow blower and snow thrower resemble one and the same machine, it actually doesn’t.

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To be specific, a snow thrower is something that uses just one stage to throw or remove snow from an area while a snow blower uses not one but two stages and doesn’t actually “throws” the snow but rather removes or “blows” it. Snow blowers come in mostly two types, working on electric power and gasoline. There are some that comes with a diesel engine as well.

The Need for a snow blower

It is not uncommon to see a lot of areas getting fully covered in snow each and every year, especially in some of the western countries. Now, when such important areas like the walkway and driveway get fully covered in snow, it becomes rather difficult to walk or drive comfortably on these areas. Also, a lot of people try shoveling away the snow from such areas, but end up giving up on the task soon enough.

The reason behind this is the fact that the snow keeps getting accumulated every now and then, usually on almost a daily basis, and to keep shoveling it away so very frequently can be a dreadful task, showering you with many problems like back and hip pain, besides wasting tons of time. Also, if one drives very frequently on driveways covered fully with snow, his vehicle is sure to get damaged in some way soon enough, costing a good lot of bucks on the repairing and maintenance.

On the other hand, using a snow blower happens to work like a magic, removing or “blowing” away the snow from such important areas very effectively and in a mere few minutes! Hence, a snow blower helps you save tons of time and avoid problems like back pain, extra ordinary costs on your vehicle’s maintenance, etc.

Best Electric Snow blowers

One of the most popular and best types of snow blower is the electric snow blower. Being free from the hassle of filling gasoline and other such similar problems, the electric snow blowers offer a lot of convenience to the users and are the most easy to use.

Such electric snow blowers are usually around 18 inch long cutting width and tend to have a power rating of anywhere between 12 and 15 amps. These sophisticated and smooth electric machines are very effective in clearing areas with a large amount of snow cover, usually up to a 3 car driveway and accompanied sidewalks. They are usually rated and believed to have the ability to clear up to as much as 10 inches of snow at a go but facts indicate that clearing around 4 to 6 inches of snow is something more realistic and achievable. Also, they are believed to be limited to be able to clear or shovel aside snow up to around 150 feet at the max from the electrical outlet.

The Electric Snow Shovel: Electric snow shovels are a part of electric snow blowers, the only difference being that they can be used only for clearing small areas. They are usually used for clearing areas covered with a limited or small amount of snow like decks, steps and patios. Being designed only for clearing small areas, they are considerably light weight and much easier to move around. However, even they are capable of clearing snow up to around 150 feet maximum from the electrical outlet. Also, they cannot clear anything more than around 4 to 6 inches of only fresh and light snow in one go. They come with a 12 inch cutting width and around 7 to 9 amps power. For people living in areas where snow formation is not of a very high level, the electric snow shovels come in as ideal products.

List of the Top Best Electric Snow Throwers


The Best Electric Snow Blower: To be honest, there are a lot of electric snow blowers that offer a good value for your money besides doing the snow clearing job very effectively and smoothly given that the snow accumulation is within their limits. However, there is one particular electric snow blower that seems to stand out, and believed to be one of the cheapest and most ideal for almost all people except maybe those who need to clear extraordinarily high level of snow.

This snow blower is called the Toro 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower 38025. It is believed to be perfect for clearing up to 10 inches of snow, which is usually for:

1.) Small Yards
2.) Driveways
3.) Sidewalks

Even more, it comes with the power and skills matching those of a high powered 2 stage snow blower running on gas. Not many are unaware of the fact that gas snow blowers are considerably powerful as compared to the electric ones, but come with a lot of hassle and consume much more time on the maintenance. Hence, The Toro 1800 seems to be a real gem amongst the electric snow blowers as it comes with a level of power that matches those of some of the most powerful ones running on gas but without the hassles involved with them. Some of the benefits include:
No need to mix any type of gas or oil before using
Runs very smoothly, unlike its gas counterparts, which produces a level of sound enough for you to get the feel of a war field.
Again, unlike gas snow blowers, the Toro 1800 doesn’t require frequent maintenance.
Hence, if you want to avoid the troubles associated with gas snow blowers and enjoy their high clearing ability all the same, the Toro 1800 is something worth considering.

Top Rated Single Stage Snow Blower

When it comes to single stage snow blowers, you will have a huge variety of options to choose from. However, if you want to go with something tried and tested, or the top rated one, then there is one called as the Snow Joe 622u1 that you may want to consider. Coming with a 13 amp motor, it is ideal for clearing snow of moderate to slightly high level. With the adjustable discharge chute that enables one to control where the snow goes, it offers top level of convenience to use. Being an electric easy start machine, there is hardly any need for maintenance, making it a favorite of people not desiring to waste a lot of time on maintaining their snow blowers.

Best Single Stage Snow Blower

Single stage snow throwers come with a single impeller having a very high speed to do both the tasks together of moving the snow into the machine and throwing it out using the discharge mechanism. Now, when it comes to finding the best single stage snow blower, we have already mentioned one above, under the best electric snow blower. The Toro 1800, besides being an electric snow blower, is also one of the best single stage snow blower. The exclusive power curve system it comes with is capable of beating even some of the most powerful gas snow blowers.

However, even if you are looking for the best single stage snow blower running on gas, Toro wouldn’t disappoint you. The Toro CCR 2450 GTS single-stage gas snow blower comes with a very powerful 5.0 hp 2-cycle engine. The most innovative feature it comes with is the electric start, despite being a gas snow blower. The machine is capable of clearing considerably large amount of snow as it comes with a clearing width of about 20 inches and can throw the accumulated snow to well around 30 feet. It is also believed to be able of throwing up to an average of around 1700 lbs. of snow in as less as a minute. As far as the power factor is concerned, there doesn’t seem to be many that seem capable of matching that of this beast.

Top Rated and Best Two stage snow blower

A two stage snow blower involves two mechanisms for moving the snow, which is to feed the snow to an impeller having a very high speed and finally blowing or throwing it out of the machine through a discharge chute. These are very large machines and aren’t usually needed unless there is a heavy snow fall. With some of these large machines being powered by a diesel engine and coming with a horsepower of as high as over 1000, they seem more than capable of clearing very effectively even the roadways and airport runways.

Now, if you want to go for a two stage snow blower, you will have to be very selective, as there only seem to be a few genuinely good options, though one of them is enough to fulfill all your snow blowing needs.

One of the top rated two stage snow blowers is the giant Toro Power Max Model. Toro, a well known manufacturer of such snow equipments, offers this heavy duty and highly powered snow blower. The quality is unquestionable given the reputation of its manufacturer. However, we will still have a look at some of its features.

This large snow machine beast happily awaits snow accumulation of all level. It can indeed clear almost anything as far as the snow is concerned, and may not even leave any sign of the winter season at all in the area it is moved on! Also, one of the best things about this machine is that it can be easily maneuvered despite its considerably large size. In order to achieve this, the machine comes with a freewheel steering system as well as an innovative quick stick chute that allows easy controlling. Its power max feature hands it with the ability to clear heavy and considerably large amounts of snow, that too in a surprisingly less time. Its other useful features include an electric starter, X-Trac tires, an auger gear case, one-hand interlock for easy locking and a reversible skid for protecting your driveway.
If you are looking for the best two stage snow blower, you may want to consider the Toro Power Max very seriously indeed.

Hence, you are now aware of the usefulness of snow blowers besides having a variety of genuinely good options to choose from according to your needs.